Thursday, September 1, 2016

What I'd Like To Hear From Colin Kaepernick

I've been a fan of Colin Kaepernick and his gifted athletic talents every since he burst onto the NFL stage a few years back. However, my level of respect and admiration for the man has been diminished with his recent stance and comments. Here's what I'd like to hear Colin say (perhaps in a prime-time news conference) so that I could take seriously his "passionate" reluctance to show respect for his country and one of its most important symbols, the U.S. flag, during the pre-game singing of our National Anthem:
"I am clearly under-performing and not representing the fans of San Francisco to the best of my abilities. Until I can perform up to the level that I am capable of as a skilled quarterback in the NFL and represent well the fans and organization who so graciously provide me with the opportunity to earn a living while playing this wonderful game, I will not be accepting the generous paychecks that I currently receive. I will voluntarily ask the front office to suspend such payments until such time that my play and leadership are representative and well worth the oppressive price that both the fans and the San Francisco 49ers' organization sacrifice to see me perform. In addition, if I cannot perform at the level that I am capable of, I'll either consent to re-structure my contract to be more reflective of my current level of performance, or gladly accept a trade to another team. Thank you."
 My previous level of respect and admiration would then return, for both the man himself and his "passionate" stand on other matters outside of football, even while being disappointed in his failing to secure the starting QB job in San Francisco and returning to at least the level of play he showed during that marvelous Super Bowl run a few years ago. This wonderful, albeit imperfect, country provides for you, Mr. Kaepernick, the opportunity that you now enjoy and are compensated so handsomely for. In no other country would you be afforded that opportunity (perhaps excepting Canada) ... not Cuba, or any other truly "oppressive" regime (of which there are many) that don't hold a candle to the stature and level of freedom afforded and enjoyed by you, me and so many others here in the United States of America.

It's not likely, but here's hoping that Colin changes his tone and tenure before tonight's pre-season game with the San Diego Chargers, who by-the-way are holding their annual Military Night to salute the contributions to our country of so many wonderful military personnel. No doubt, it will include a show of respect and honor for the flag they all have helped to protect. Hear, hear!