Sunday, June 22, 2014

" I don't talk about politics or religion ...". Really?!?

Haven't you heard, at least once, someone say that?  Or, maybe you've said it, or thought it. And, by extension, you never even think deeply about issues in either arena. Can't talk (or think) about these ... WHO SEZ?!?

It's time to move away from it ... many in our U.S. culture ( and other cultures, for that matter), have accepted a bill of fraudulent goods and the price is way to high.  In my opinion, it's a thinking and attitude built on the foundation of a lie straight from the pit of hell.  Why? Because, your beliefs ("religion") and public policy ("politics") are the two areas that impact your life the most ... both personally as an individual and collectively as a society. More implications flow from these two subjects than any other.  Like it or not, they are the fundamental pillars of a free society. Our freedom to think, talk, openly discuss and hear others out, and disagree rationally and with civility on these topics in the marketplace of ideas are key to the continued strength of those pillars (and yes, you can discuss "religion" rationally). Our thinking here affects our behavior, growth, and success in every other area of daily life ... and has a critical impact on our destinies, both personally and as collective communities. Not one of us is immune from the touch of these subjects, for good or ill. The effects of our thinking in these arenas is not private, either ... they are very much a public matter - on display every day in how we make decisions, go about our everyday activities and interactions, and treat others.

And you refuse to engage in conversation with others or in thinking through issues on either topic?!? C'mon!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

One man's life-lessons caught from his Dad

If you're a Dad, can I say something to you ... man-to-man, like? Your kids are watching you, no matter what the age. If your kiddos are adults now, they have watched you like a hawk in the past and will continue to do so in the present and into your future. For good or bad, however the relationship is now or no matter how things have turned out based on the past ... it's ok. Your Creator loves you just the way you are, as you are - no more, no less ... but, He desires so much more for you. If your example was for ill (I know ... I unfortunately lived and demonstrated many not-so-good things), look at today as a new start with your kids. They need you, they love you and they look up to you.

Parenting With Love, Tribute to a Dad - Part 2

Here's a radio broadcast that I sincerely hope you will take time to listen to.  It's the second of a two-part broadcast from pastor, teacher and well-known leadership author John Maxwell as he gives tribute to his Dad by recounting five key lessons he's learned from watching his life.  Here's the five:
  1. He taught me the importance of association ... who I ran around with was important.
  2. He gave me an example to follow ... it's not what you "preach," but how you live that makes the most impact.
  3. He taught me the importance of attitude ... it's a choice. You might not be the smartest person, or the one at the top of your class, but you can have an attitude that's an "A" every day.
  4. He taught me to believe God for big things ... have faith in His ability to do exceedingly beyond what I could ever ask or think.
  5. He taught me how to pray ... pray without ceasing; a spirit and attitude of prayer in everything.
My prayer is that you and I will have the same kind of impact on our kids, passing along the same kind of lessons.  Blessings on ya' Dads ... leave a legacy and keep moving forward. It's never too late.

"If there's righteousness in the heart, there'll be beauty in the character. If there's beauty in the character, there'll be harmony in the home. If there's harmony in the home, there'll be order in the nation. And if there's order in the nation, there'll be peace in the world. When Mother Theresa received her Noble Peace Prize, they asked her, 'what can we do to bring peace in the world?' She responded: 'Go home and love your family.' "
- John Maxwell

Lastly, here's a song for you from one of my favorite groups ... go out and live a legacy for your family so that when it's finally time to say goodbye, you can say "I've got nothing to prove, nothing to lose, nothing to hide." Blessings on ya'!