Sunday, June 22, 2014

" I don't talk about politics or religion ...". Really?!?

Haven't you heard, at least once, someone say that?  Or, maybe you've said it, or thought it. And, by extension, you never even think deeply about issues in either arena. Can't talk (or think) about these ... WHO SEZ?!?

It's time to move away from it ... many in our U.S. culture ( and other cultures, for that matter), have accepted a bill of fraudulent goods and the price is way to high.  In my opinion, it's a thinking and attitude built on the foundation of a lie straight from the pit of hell.  Why? Because, your beliefs ("religion") and public policy ("politics") are the two areas that impact your life the most ... both personally as an individual and collectively as a society. More implications flow from these two subjects than any other.  Like it or not, they are the fundamental pillars of a free society. Our freedom to think, talk, openly discuss and hear others out, and disagree rationally and with civility on these topics in the marketplace of ideas are key to the continued strength of those pillars (and yes, you can discuss "religion" rationally). Our thinking here affects our behavior, growth, and success in every other area of daily life ... and has a critical impact on our destinies, both personally and as collective communities. Not one of us is immune from the touch of these subjects, for good or ill. The effects of our thinking in these arenas is not private, either ... they are very much a public matter - on display every day in how we make decisions, go about our everyday activities and interactions, and treat others.

And you refuse to engage in conversation with others or in thinking through issues on either topic?!? C'mon!!