Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Morning Light ... Hoping to Spread (and Shed) Some Light Here!

My first blog post ... wow!  Looking forward to connecting with whomever through the wonderful medium of words.  I hope to share my thoughts on a variety of topics over time ... thoughts, aspirations, dreams, current issues of the day ... but, most importantly sharing my spiritual journey in and through this life.  I'll share my thoughts on the spiritual realities that I have come to know, how they're being woven through the fabric and varied patterns of my existence, and what impact it is having (and has had) on the roles and responsibilities of which I am engaged in.

I'm a Jesus follower.  He's the center of my life, my forgiver and leader, the heartbeat of my passions and desires, the driving force of all I live for and all I do ... the essence of who I am.  He changed my life ... transformed me, renewed me and put me on a path of healing and a recapture of wholeness.  He's my Bright and Morning Star ... hence, this log is a sharing of a little of the Morning Light he chooses to shine through me. And, hopefully, through the posts of this page you'll feel a little "Son-shine" come into your life.  Life certainly isn't a bed of roses and I'm definitely not always feeling (or acting) like a ray of sunshine, but therein lies the fun (and hopefully, the transparency) of sharing with you.  I'm a work in progress, and I've had a new and powerful energy at work in my life for quite some time now.  Empowering me, changing me, transforming me, helping me to see the really real and have fun along the way holding His hand and trusting in His goodness and ability to see me through anything.

I'm letting Him chart a path for me. Come and join me from time to time ... I'd love to have you as company!